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Windows Repair Pro


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Product Information


Windows XP Repair Pro is one of the most popular registry repair programs of recent years. XP Repair Pro also works well with all Windows Versions. This popularity has seen almost 1.5million downloads in only two years of being available for purchase. Windows XP Repair Pro has also been highly recommended by Softpedia and Cnet’s

Supported operating systems

  • Windows 7 all Editions
  • Windows Server 2008 all Editions
  • Windows Vista all Editions (Please upgrade to Service Pack 2)
  • Windows XP All Editions (Please upgrade to Service Pack 3)
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows ME / 2000 / 98(Second Edition)
  • Windows 95 and NT are no longer supported under XP Repair Pro 5.0 (Time to Upgrade!)

 One of these extra features is the Stop-Starting feature that acts as a start-up manager. In essence what happens is that programs are disabled from loading during computer start-up. Fewer programs loading will result in a much faster start-up time for the computer, as well as improved computer performance. Those with some knowledge of the workings of computers will know that this can be done manually, but it is far easier to use this application.

Another useful feature is the Advanced Registry Editor that allows manual adaptation of registry settings. This though is probably best used with a good deal of knowledge of how a Windows registry works and most people will not even use it. XP Repair Pro also has a function that is called the Software Crash Monitor, the registry repair program keeps a live look on computer processes, and if any process is likely to cause an error the program will stop the process immediately. This means that a computer should be much less prone to crashes or freezes.

There is also a Live Update feature of the XP Repair Pro registry repair program. This feature means that the program will be automatically updated with any future features. There are 8 new features planned for the product in the forthcoming months. New features will include a file shredder, so that files will not be able to be recovered after being deleted, and another privacy cleaning tools. With these further releases XP Repair Pro will probably have the most features of any registry cleaner on the market.

Ease of Installation

The file to install XP Repair Pro on a computer is small at 2.40mb, although compared to its rivals it is one of the largest files. It is though quick and easy to download. All that is then required to install the program is the opening of the .exe file which will then cause an automatic install. Thus even those with limited computer experience will be able to get XP Repair Pro to run on their computer.

Customer Support

The XP Repair Pro has one of the best support structures of any registry cleaner. The internet site linked to the registry repair program is full of information about how to work the program and also other frequently asked questions. Additionally there is a system where support tickets can be completed to ask about technical issues. There is also a useful contact feature that general questions can be asked of the product.


XP Repair Pro may not be as easy to navigate around as other programs but use it regularly and there should be no issues in getting it working. The accompanying screenshots show the main screens involved with the registry cleaner, and also some additional commentary.

The latest version of XP Repair Pro has the ability to identify some 60000 errors and fixing them.

XP Repair Pro Features and Functions

In addition to the normal features you would expect from a registry repair program, XP Repair Pro also has some good extra ones.

Product Code: Win-Repair-Software


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